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Episode 117! (Tetris)
May 7th, 2015 by httiy at 7:38 pm


1) Opening Nonsense

2) Game of the Week - Tetris!

3) Laura went to China and Austin has a headache.

What We Played

4) Laura got a New 3DS!

Shenanigans again, apparently

5) Can Nintendo really continue with backwards compatibility? 

6) Bye Bye Konami

Back to what we played

7) Professor Laura vs. Phoenix Wright

8) Why didn’t anyone tell me about Mass Effect’s writing though? (Austin beat Mass Effect)

9) Wario Ware touched Jack on Wii U.


10) Starcraft 64 music break

Listener Mail

11) Garbage Questions

12) What game companies would we like to shadow?

13) What will Nintendo’s future success look like? Can they return to the top?

Shenanigans Finale

14) The end.


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