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Episode 121! (F-1 Race)
Jul 1st, 2015 by httiy at 9:38 pm

I do not know what the hell happened to this episode, but the audio is an absolute mess, and for that I apologize. You’ll notice Laura’s audio cutting in and out, her microphone quality was totally mangled, and there are a few weird snags here and there. It’s still listenable, but it’s not perfect and there are some awkward spots here and there. In any case, here are the chapters for this week:

00:00 - Intros, greetings, hello

02:54 - Game of the week: F-1 Race!

What we played

06:14 - Jack tests his nostalgia for Super Mario Sunshine.

21:40 - Laura is a Mojave Monster in Fallout: New Vegas.

37:01 - Austin says Star Fox: Assault is like a sneeze on a wall.

Shenanigans II

51:18 - Freetures

55:14 - Star Fox Zero music break.

55:49 - Question of the day: How would you like to walk 600 feet?

58:00 - SMTxFE music break.

58:56 - Book club, moving advice, etc.

Listener questions mail

1:03:09 - Using Splatoon’s girl characters for marketing, other questions about female characters, etc

1:11:57 - Do you have more fun with games if you stay up to date on news?

1:20:21 - How long should a game be? (“It depends”)

1:27:11 - A nice email from a nice person.

1:30:56 - Briefly touching on E3 2015.

Shenanigans Finale

1:37:16 - Nonsense time.

1:38:37 - F-1 Race QUIZ


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