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Do you like video games? Deeply? So do we. So we talk about them.

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Feb 18th, 2015 by httiy at 8:17 pm

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Segment 0: Star Tropics makes its first appearance on this podcast, and we discuss some cool tidbits about its development and how it's similar to Metal Gear Solid in a certain respect.
Segment 1: Austin gives his impressions of the New 3DS XL, Laura waxes poetic and tells a story from her time with Majora's Mask 3D, and Jack updates us on chemistry, computer science, and other collegiate affairs.
Segment 2: Our next week of the A Link to the Past book club creates a rift that eventually morphs into a learning experience for everyone involved! Jack likes the Dark Palace and dislikes the Swamp Palace, but Laura and Austin think the opposite! Some interesting notes about Zelda temple design in this segment.
Segment 3: Listener mails brings about a particularly interesting topic this week: Are 2D Zelda games really just gimped versions of 3D Zelda games? Are they just a stopgap between the "real" Zelda games? We don't go quite as in-depth as I'd like to someday, but it's a fascinating idea.
Feb 11th, 2015 by httiy at 9:58 pm

Segment 1, Intro: Our game of the week is the Tose-developed NES Play Action Football. We learn about Tose's development philosophy, why this game came with a little slip of cardboard, and how it's connected to Shrek: Hassle at the Castle for GBA.

Segment 2, What We Played: Two big games in what we played this week. Firstly, Austin has his review copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and he has some really interesting observations about how the game actually teaches you this time around, in addition to general impressions. Laura this week has been playing something of an oddity: Mario Golf: World Tour, the 3DS golf game from last year that nobody would've predicted Laura would love. But she does!
Segment 3, Book Club: This week's A Link to the Past exposé has us getting into discussing the start contrast between the second and third temples of the game, how we all learned to pick up large boulders, and why getting the master sword in this one is actually somewhat different from more recent Zeldas.
Segment 4, Listener Mail: Just a bit of mail this week (we didn't have much time after the book club), but we tackle a couple of key topics: Where is Nintendo going after Miyamoto and company pass on from the company (or life, I guess)? What are some of your favorite local multiplayer games? Find out. 
Feb 3rd, 2015 by httiy at 11:21 pm

As per usual, you can view the images we discuss on this podcast in the post made on Look for the "Podcast" section.

Here comes episode 107, the episode where we learn that old British currencies are actually very ripe for fecal puns.

Segment 1, What We Played: Austin fell asleep one nigh and woke up the next day with a demo of The Amazing Spiderman downloaded onto his 3DS. Hear from him why that game is probably not worth your time or money, but it's still kind of hilarious regardless. Secondly, Laura has played the demo for Codename S.T.E.A.M. and she talks about how it plays, what's weird about it, and what might need a bit of ficing.

Segment 2, Listener Mail: Before listener mail, Jack regals us with tales from his job, as he has been known to do. Then we get into questions about Mario Kart 8 (in response to last week's show), aspect ratios and Wii VC games, and what games we would like to be able to forget so that we can replay them. 

Jan 28th, 2015 by httiy at 12:01 am

If you want to see the images we referenced during this podcast, check out the podcast 106 post on If I ever have to edit a show that goes this poorly, I will pull my eyes out and use them as golfballs!

For this episode, we have 3 primary segments:

Segment 1, What We Played: The only game we bring up during WWP is Mario Kart 8, and we talk about it for half an hour! Austin thinks he figured out specifically-- down to the point by point game design elements-- why he finds Mario Kart 8 less intense or engaging than other games in the franchise, and he tries to explain it to the rest of the crew as best as he can.

Segment 2, Book Club: After a lovely commissioned, professional-grade audio clip about our book club, we delve (perhaps TOO deeply) into the first chunk of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Does this game feel less unique than other Zeldas? How does it feel having such a speedy intro without a lot of setup? What's special about this game? We answer these questions and more!

Segment 3, Listener Mail: Plenty of listener mail to go through this week including a grill session about Monster Hunter 4, a grill session about Jack saying he wishes Wii VC would stretch the old games to fit his TV, lots of nice words, and much more.

Jan 20th, 2015 by httiy at 10:45 pm

As usual, if you want to see the images we're referencing during the podcast, head over to and see the post for this podcast!

Welcome back to episode 105, the episode that makes us all thankful that post-production and editing exists!

For this episode, we have X primary segments:

Segment 1, What We Played: After some talk about Snake Rattle 'n' Roll, we jump into a few big games that we've been playing including the unreleased Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but Laura also regales us tales of dating ancient Japanese historical figures in Hakuoko: Memories of the Shinsengumi for 3DS, and then Austin wraps things up with some talk about the only legitimate criticism anyone could have of Bayonetta 2.

Segment 2, Discussion: After a brief musical break, we come back to discuss some of what went on in the Nintendo Direct this past week, branching off into tangential discussions about relevant games like Majora's Mask 3D (we talk about whether it was innovative or not) and a full-fledged diatribe about amiibo from Austin! Plus much mroe.

Segment 3, Listener Mail Grab-Bag: Almost no legitimate questions this week means we end up talking about where we like to shop, whether it's good to bathe yourself, and how everything is going to be okay in life. Send us discussion questions: nintendoeverythingpodcast at
Jan 13th, 2015 by httiy at 11:42 pm

Note: Throughout this podcast I referenced how you can view certain images on your listening device if you’re listening to the “AAC” version of the podcast. That doesn’t work anymore, so I’ve included the images below if you want to see them.

Everyone’s favorite podcast that they’ve never listened to has returned for a reboot— a reinvigoration, a reincarnation, a rethinking— of old concepts, with all three crew members recording in remote locations over Skype, rather than in the same room as had become customary.

For this episode, we have three primary segments:

Segment 1, What We Played: Intro discussions about an old NES soccer classic, a bit of complaining about The Sims 4, plus the first ever discussion of Itoi-made curiosity MOTHER 3 on our podcast. 

Segment 2, Anecdotes: Jack talks about signing “poop sheets” at work, Laura talks about some weird movie named “Tusk”, and the whole crew gives a quick shout-out to everyone’s favorite Daan man.

Segment 3, Discussion: WarioWare Inc. takes the stage as we talk a whole lot about this classic GBA game and others in the series. In addition to giving our general opinions on the game, we talk about connections this game has to the Gameboy Camera, how we feel the aesthetics are paramount in why this game is so good, and what particular micro-games stand out to us.

Dec 20th, 2014 by httiy at 7:02 pm

ON THIS EPISODE: We're back! For a moment. To signify our triumphant return we bring you one of the funnier episodes we've ever had amidst a flurry of game discussion about Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Bayonetta 2, Castlevania, Pokémon Omega Ruby, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It's a bit tangled and messy, but what are you gonna do? Fire us?

PLUS: A little bit of podcast navel-gazing and story time as we discuss how things went for 102 episodes, our favorite moments, some behind-the-scenes trivia, and the future of the show.
AND: A huge pile of listener mail with lots of kind words about the show, discussion of Zelda, our lesser-known game recommendations, our favorite eShop games, and much more. Will we ever be back? Nobody gets to know that except lord Elrond himself.
Jul 27th, 2014 by httiy at 6:45 pm

ON THIS EPISODE: Bad news is abound, as the cast and crew (which is really just the cast) announce an indefinite hiatus from Here's a Podcast. Life becomes complicated, and all good things must end! They're very sorry for the suddenness, and hope that something resembling Here's a Podcast will return one day.

PLUS: There's still an episode though, just as you've always liked it! Jack is back, and he assists discussions of BIT.TRIP Core and Fallout: New Vegas in the 'What We Played' sections. After a lovely break, listener mail makes a return and we answer a variety of questions on "how" we play games, what the music for the Wii U Zelda game will sound like, and more!
AND: The finale of this final episode has us back to discussing A Link to the Past, including some fantastic observations about the temple design, how this game differs from the rest of the series, and much, much more.
Jul 20th, 2014 by httiy at 5:45 pm

ON THIS EPISODE: We skipped last week, but maybe we should have skipped this week! A still-sick Austin and a tired Laura scrape together a short show this week where they basically only discussion A Link to the Past for the book club, and then go through some shorter bits of listener mail.

PLUS: Nothing! That's it. Just book club and listener mail. 
Jul 7th, 2014 by httiy at 9:20 pm

ON THIS EPISODE: Can you believe we made it 100 episodes? Even though Jack and Aysha aren't around to celebrate, Laura and Austin manage to pull together another solid episode for everyone. 

PLUS: Laura kicks things off with some impressions of some survival horror PC games like Outlast, and then Austin discusses the idea of games letting you face things you simply aren't prepared to face without telling you through the lens of Fallout: New Vegas. Some brief discussion of BIT.TRIP BEAT and BIT.TRIP CORE round out the segment.
AND: We pick our short book club game, which will be The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past! Listen for more details, or just start playing at your leisure. Listener mail, of course, closes things out.